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18th January 2015
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18th January 2015

‘The world is filled with travelling widows’ – quote attributed to my grandmother who set off to discover the world after her husband died. It is wonderful to travel with a companion – to be able to turn to someone and say ‘Look!’, to be able to eat out in a restaurant and enjoy intelligent conversation.  A Senior Solo Tour is a branch of Vindigo Travel which sprung out of the realization that just because you don’t have a traveling companion, it doesn’t mean you have to stay at home. Enjoy the comfort, company and assurance of being shown around the Cape by a local professional guide and travelling companion who will take care of accommodation, restaurant bookings and cater to your specific area of interest – be it astronomy or zoology!

Below are a couple of testimonials from recent guests who have taken advantage of the Senior Solo Tour –

“Melissa Sutherland is remarkable. She brings intelligence, energy, good taste, knowledge, cheerfulness and diligence to her work. For three days ( and until 10:00 pm one night), Melissa showed me the beauty of Cape Town and South Africa, its marvelous wineries, restaurants and cafes. And penguins. Those times are unforgettable; one of the best experiences of my many years of travel.”

Susan Bender, Virginia 2013

“As a woman over 60 I had some trepidation about traveling to a foreign country alone. I could not have been more taken care of! Melissa Sutherland was/is the perfect guide, companion, and as it turns out-new friend. For 4 days she catered to my interests and abilities and was a wealth of information. And a most enjoyable companion. Thank you for making my South African dream come true! I can’t wait to return.”

Janet Harney, Arkansas, USA

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