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Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa



Africa Travel Week has come and gone.


Africa Travel Week (ATW) is the continent’s largest travel trade show and is packed
with events covering a variety of topics. It is the first major in-person travel show
hosted on the African continent since the start of the pandemic.

It was wonderful to feel the palpable energy in the International Convention Centre
where the World Travel Market took place. Vindigo Travel participated for the first
time as an exhibitor at the International Luxury Travel Market and it was a fabulous
time to connect with agents from around the world. We organised some pre, during
and post-fam experiences showcasing the best of South Africa to the world.

Exciting news is that according to the Deputy Mayor of Cape Town – start-up and
digital visas will be prioritised and aid in promoting tourism. Walking the dogs in
Newlands forest the other day, we bumped into a couple with distinctly foreign
accents who were definitely soaking up the advantages of basing themselves at the
tip of Africa – Similarly, a young friend works remotely for an American company, but
is able to jog on Table Mountain and enjoy living surrounded by family in Cape Town.

Africa Travel Week  Vindigo 2022 Travel
Africa Travel Week  Vindigo 2022 Travel
Africa Travel Week  Vindigo 2022 Travel
Africa Travel Week  Vindigo 2022 Travel

Six Mega Trends were noted by Jean Carmela Lim of Holy Smithereens in her excellent keynote address entitled:

The Conscious Comeback.

  1. Tourists will travel WHEN they can – Booking windows have become shorter – questions about health, lockdown and quarantine rules will become
  2. The COMEBACK of the travel agent – desire for seamless travel and one point of contact.
  3. CELEBRATION travel – families are reuniting and booking out villas.
  4. WELLNESS and Travel go hand in hand – mental and physical health – rise of REGENERATIVE travel which is stronger than sustainable travel –a desire to leave things better.
  5. BIGGER, BOLDER, BUCKETLIST – accumulated savings and a YOLO mindset – time for Africa.
  6. LUXURY TRAVEL in itself is going to become a trend with a gravitation towards open spaces, quality customer service.

We are delighted that clients who had to postpone their trips several times are
finally able to come. Delayed gratification truly tastes sweeter and we have
noticed a definite attitude of appreciation and gratitude as travel resumes.

Please do not hesitate to contact Vindigo to set up a complimentary online
consultation to start your journey to Africa. Email me directly at

Yours in travel,
Melissa Sutherland
Chief Travel Curator, Vindigo Travel