One of the many things we love about wine is that it’s an international language which we love speaking with our guests from every corner of the globe.

Our name – Vin, Vino, Vindigo—says it all!

South Africa has the oldest wine tradition of the new world, dating back to 1685, when the first grapes were pressed in the Cape of Good Hope by the early Dutch settlers. The wines of Constantia were the first brand to come out of the southern hemisphere.

The combination of age-old tradition, spectacular scenery, gorgeous architecture, world-class wines and mouth-watering restaurants make visiting the Cape Winelands, an absolute delight for the aesthete.

Our intimate knowledge of the region, experience in the industry and insider contacts, enable us to tailor every wine excursion to your unique tastes – be they that of a weekend wine enthusiast , professional winemaker, sommelier or connoisseur.

Wine tourism takes many forms, from visiting exquisite private gardens to exploring charming villages in the Winelands, and can be family-friendly catering to all ages. We can arrange special wine pairings, hikes and experiences.